2018 Plans

Im currently planning a trip from Japan to Ireland for 2018. I will be equipped with a better camera, a drone, and a real time gps tracker. 

I will  most  likely  be  on a 2008 Kawasaki  Versys.  The  Versys  is  currently  in  Japan at  Blue  Groove in Kamakura. My  plan is  to ride Northern Japan 7-10 days  and then take the  DBS  cruise  ferry  from  Sakaiminato,  Japan to Vladivostok,  Russia.(2  days  on ferry).  There  is  company  in  Vladivostock that  ships  motorcycles  to  and from  Vladivostock to  wherever you  want  in  the  world. From  Vladivostock,  I will  head North around the  border of China  and then  East  to Lake  Baikal.  From  Lake  Baikal  I will  head south to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  From  Ulaanbaantar I will  follow  the  central  route  west  to  Tsagaanuur, Mongolia.  From  here, cross  the  border into  Russia  and  ride  north  through the  Altai  Mountains to Novosibirsk. From  Novosibirsk ride  west  near  the  border  of Kazakhstan through  the  cities  of Osmk, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Kazan until  I hit  Moscow.  Here  I will  recharge  at  my  friends  biker  bar and then head south to  Volgograd. From  Volgograd ride  into Georgia  at  Kazbegi  and then  head south to  Tbilisi.  There are  a  few  biker  clubs  in  Tbilisi  that  I plan  on hanging out  with and trails northeast  of  Tbilisi  that  go up into  the  mountains  that  are  worth  checking  out. From  Tbilisi, I would like  to  ride  into  Turkey  and head  to Kars, then  Trabzon,  then Cappadocia,  then Instanbul.  From Istanbul,  ride up into Bulgaria  and  leave the bike at a biker camp .Thats where  this  particular  trip may end.  If possible, I would like  to  ride  the  Trans European  Trail  from  Bulgaria, through  Romania,  Poland and  then head  west  at  Warsaw  making my way  to  Kinsale  Ireland. This  is  all  just  a  general  route.  When your on the  road things  can  change.  I believe  it  is  a  good base  for the  2018 trip. I have  already  rode  over  50 percent  of this  route  and feel  confident  riding it.